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Maya Jewelry

Maya Jewelry was born out of a love for piercing, a commitment to self-expression, an appetite for jewelry, and a devotion to community. Dedicated to creating exquisite designs honoring the individuality of the wearer, Maya is an intention for empowerment through self-expression.

Each Maya design is original and distinctive, formed from hand carved organic materials, casted and hand-forged silver, yellow gold, rose gold, copper and brass.

About Maya

Corey Lolley created MAYA in 2006. Her inspirations include movement in the natural world, life experience, street fashion, architecture, and the art and customs of indigenous cultures. She has been an active member of the piercing community since 1994 when she got her start in the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area. She expanded her focus to developing the freshest jewelry designs from the most luxurious materials by utilizing her knowledge of industry trends, standards, and modern and ancient design aesthetics. Each Maya piece is an aspectual reflection of the communities and tribes who inspired them, and an offering back to those same communities.

To ensure enjoyment in the selection and ordering process, Corey hand-selected a team of piercing professionals to provide you with unsurpassed excellence in service. Maya makes timeliness a requirement, quality a commitment, and innovation a priority.

When you choose Maya Jewelry, you're not just choosing the most exquisite jewelry available. You choose to create sustainability for a community of Balinese craftsmen capable of bringing the ethereal into the physical realm. You choose to support a punk rock enterprise honoring DIY ethics to help improve our home community here in the US. Most importantly, you choose to empower yourself. Maya Jewelry is imbued with the mystical, and can work as a reminder to be your courageous self, to live your truth, and let inspiration guide you to discover and attain your highest purpose. By fully inhabiting your body, you can fully inhabit your life, and do with it as you wish. The impossible is possible. We hope these designs inspire you to access your personal empowerment and evolution through adornment.

Maya Jewelry

Experience your Self.
Live your Truth.
Decorate your sexy ass.


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