Maya Army


Owner. Core Keeper. Designer. Magical Empress.

In 2006, Corey set out to create a line of jewelry inspired by street fashion, the piercing industry, architecture, attitude, and the world around her. Utilizing her knowledge of aesthetic trends both modern and ancient, she expanded her focus to developing the freshest eye catching designs from the most luxurious materials. Each Maya piece is a reflection of the beautiful facets Corey's path has led her through, and an offering to give thanks.


Hive Organizer. Empress Support. Swarm Newscaster.

If ever there were a jewelry Harlot, little Bee would be the Rahab of our time.

If you see her around and she's staring at you... don't be surprised, she's just checking out your jewels. She gets just as excited to send your orders as you do receiving them and makes sure all the logistics in between run smooth like melted butter.


Road Warrior. Prime Viking. Mobile Party.

A Professional Piercer now based in Oklahoma at 23rd Street Body Piercing, Kyle was familiar with what kind of ideals and jewelry Maya was showcasing. Ice joined forces and hit the road with the jewels in tow, to fight the good fight. He will excite you with shiny splendors, maybe crash on your couch, turn you into a party, and just like that... gone again, leaving you wanting more.


All Seeing Eye. Cookie Monster. Resident Squeaker.

On the other side of all the gorgeous photos we have, lays the eyes of Autumn. To be able to capture jewelry and the models who rock it in all their splendor is a difficult feat and one that is proven conquered through her lens. Not only can she take sick photos but she is also a phenomenal Piercer at Body Manipulations, and an active blogger and zine maker. Feed her cookies and she'll be yours forever. Trust us, you'll be happy you did.


Handsome Hustler. Cheese Connoisseur. Gold Finger.

Newest addition to the Maya army, Mr. Block is the other half to our road warrior power duo. He's got the taste of decadence that pin points what works and what doesn't in any display case. With over 25 years of industry experience, Adam last hails from Body Vision Los Angeles. There is no doubt that Adam has helped to create and has worked with some of the most innovative and beautiful jewelry available. Watch out for his New York smile and charm. Once his spell has been cast, you will hide the key so it can never be unlocked.


Duckie. Hydles. Hydra.

In every creative process there is a number one 'go to' helper. Hydi Zaster is that hilarious bundle behind the scenes here. When she isn't bending the body and mind in yoga practice, she'll crush whatever task is thrown her way. Never a dull moment in her presence, Hydi gets the job done, sprinkles goddess like wisdom and keeps the stomach muscles in check from laughing at her non- stop silliness.

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