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The piece I want is OUT OF STOCK. How do I get a pair and what is pre-ordering?

Due to high demand for our handmade jewelry, there may be times when your favorite piece is out of stock. We highly recommend pre-ordering to ensure you receive a pair, as we often sell out before our shipments even arrive here at Maya. To pre-order, select the item like usual when shopping and check out like you normally would. Average wait time for requested items is never longer than 6-8 weeks unless otherwise informed.


We do our best to keep everything well stocked for you. In the event that we are temporarily out of an item, you will find the wait list button at the bottom of each product page (except discontinued items). Just check the box for the jewelry you're coveting and once we have it back in the office you will receive an e-mail letting you know it is available. To guarantee availability of an item, we highly recommend pre-ordering as our jewelry often sells out quickly.


Here you can save items that you are coveting so you can purchase when ready. The wish list can also be used as a registry, where you can e-mail your desired jewelry to your friends and family who may be shopping for you. If someone makes a purchase via your wish list the system will automatically remove the item from your list.


Give the gift of Maya. Purchase gift certificates for your friends and family via the left hand navigation of our site. The recipient will be emailed a digital gift certificate valid for anything their heart desires on our webstore.


We respect you and your privacy. Therefore, we never share nor sell your personal information to any third parties. Any information collected through our site is intended to be used for transactions and communications with Maya only. Your personal information is secured via SSL.


What type of Payments can I use?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, and PayPal on all online orders. You can also send us a money order and we will ship your jewelry as soon as the money arrives. Please e-mail if you wish to pay via money order.


Unless you are contacted by us, your jewelry will be processed and shipped the same day (Monday-Friday, 10am-4pm PST) of us receiving your order.

In some rare instances the jewelry you order might be out of stock. If so, we will immediately notify you with an expected ship date and you'll have the option to cancel your order if it doesn't meet your needs.

All shipments are made through USPS:
  • Domestic First Class shipping is complimentary and takes 3-5 business days on average for delivery. Please note that tracking is unavailable with this option.
  • Domestic Priority shipping with delivery confirmation is $9.00 and takes 2-3 business days on average for delivery.
  • Domestic Express shipping with tracking is $24.00 and takes 1-2 business days on average for delivery.
  • International Priority shipping is $26.00 to Canada and $34.00 to all other locations and takes 7-10 business days on average for delivery. There is no tracking while your package is en route with this option, only shipping and delivery.
  • International Express shipping is $41.00 to Canada and $60.00 to all other locations and takes 3-5 business days on average for delivery. We highly recommend this option as it proves to be the most reliable and efficient for international orders.

  • For our international friends, please be advised that you are responsible for any duties and tax fees that may be applied upon arrival from your local postal service.


    All of our earrings are sold in pairs only. We guarantee our jewelry 100% against manufacturers defects. If your jewelry breaks we will replace it at our discretion up to six months after purchase. If you have sensitive skin please be advised we can not guarantee which materials will best suit your body. Please be aware that fine jewelry is fragile; treat it with the utmost care by gently open and closing clasps, etc. to ensure longevity. If you are rough with your jewelry, we cannot replace it. Please see our extended material FAQs below.


    All jewelry, with the exception of very specific pure metals, will tarnish over time. This is natural, and simply a result of the materials interacting with moisture in the environment. As such, this is not covered in our return or exchange policy. You can prevent tarnishing by keeping your jewelry stored away from any water sources, or natural materials like plants that may trap moisture. Anti-tarnish strips are easily purchased and may help prevent this issue as well. Beyond keeping your jewelry dry and out of the sun, you can also help prevent tarnishing by wearing gloves when handling (particularly for studios).


    We are committed to supplying you with the highest quality jewelry that you can get your paws on. Making sure each pair is a beautiful match and is exquisitely polished takes some time and a few of us checking everything more than a couple of times. We are extremely proud of our artisans and the quality of pieces we create together. We view our jewelry as works of handcrafted art, each unique in its own way. With it being hand made, some variations in sizing may occur within .5-1mm of their gauge. In the event you happen to come across a pair that you think isn't up to high standards of quality please follow the directions below so we can make sure you are delighted.



    Purchased the wrong item, or changed your mind and need to exchange the item for another or return for a refund? No problem! As long as the item is unworn, in its original heat sealed packaging and within 2 weeks of receiving, we can take it back. See shipping instructions below.


    Your favorite Maya piece has broken! Oh no! As long as it's within our 6 months manufacturer's warranty we will replace it, no charge, as a one time courtesy. See shipping instructions and returns address below.


    If you have a Wholesale Account with us, and purchased the wrong item, you can return the item, with a copy of the original invoice. If the item broke within 6 months after your shop purchased from Maya Jewelry, or 6 months after a customer purchased from your shop, we can replace it as per our Manufacturer's Warranty. See Shipping instructions below.


    Please keep in mind that with our pieces being hand crafted, each pair is unique and may not look exactly like the photograph on our website. Product information such as product weight, materials used, and earring gauges are listed on our site for your convenience. We also have the right to reject any returned items if it does not meet our return requirements.


    Please send all returns, exchanges or broken items that need replacing, with original invoice, and nature of the return to below address. If you do not have your Invoice # no problem, please email Once return items are received a member of our team will be in contact with you to complete the process, whether it's for a refund, exchange, replacement, or store credit. Don't see your question answered here? For inquiries email


      Maya Jewelry

      Invoice # (put your original invoice # here*)

      PO BOX 16200

      San Diego CA 92176-6200


      All of our designs are hand crafted originals available in 925 silver, 22k yellow gold plating, 18k rose gold plating, or hand forged brass, copper and white brass depending on your design. All of our jewelry is designed with integrity so that it can withstand extended wear, with proper care. We guarantee our metal jewelry 100% against manufacturer defects. All metal oxidizes quicker when left out in open air, or if it is exposed to moisture. We recommend an appropriate microfiber, material specific polishing cloth for maintenance as needed. Make sure to follow the instructions on the package and be careful to avoid polishing too frequently or putting too much pressure on the jewelry when you polish as it may degrade the gold plating. Always keep your polishing cloth clean by keeping it in a plastic bag when not in use, otherwise dust can collect on the cloth and scratch your jewelry. Please gently open and close designs with latches to ensure longevity - especially with soft silver and copper standard earrings. If you feel the latch isn't working easily, get in touch with us rather than forcing it. We can probably easily fix this issue!

      • Silver - Our Silver designs showcase polished brilliance with a bang. Silver on its own is very soft, therefore we use the highest quality 925 Sterling Silver that we can get our hands on - an alloy made up of 92.5% Silver and 7.5% Copper to give it the extra strength it needs for you to wear our designs with pride, time and time again.
      • Copper - Copper has been used for jewelry since the dawn of human civilization. Retaining the purity and tradition of some designs of cultures past, our jewelry is intended to be worn expressing the inner warrior inside and these epic talismans will do the trick!
      • Brass - Brass has become one of the most widely used alloys in history. Being adored due to its gold like color, brass can be seen decorating anything from palaces to ears. We here at the Clubhouse love it patinated especially, but Brass also has amazing luster when polished. To showcase its brilliance, you can always keep it bright and shiny with a good brass polishing cloth.
      • White Brass - White Brass is an alloy made up of 49% Zinc and 51% Brass, and is a great alternative to Silver by being slightly lighter in weight.
      • Gold Plating - All of our gold designs are either 22k Yellow Gold plated or 18k Rose Gold plated. Our plating is guaranteed to last with proper care. Please be advised that some hair and body products can effect the plating as well as salt water, salty/acidic air and rain, chlorine, any harsh chemicals or jewelry cleaners. Avoid direct contact with other metals and never sleep, shower, swim, or work out with your fine jewelry on.

        We guarantee your jewelry will arrive brand new and never worn before, although due to the porous nature of the materials, organic jewelry cannot be made sterile. Please be sure to wash your jewelry with mild soap and water and dry immediately. All of our jewelry is pre-oiled with jojoba oil and sealed with organic bees wax. Organic jewelry is environmentally sensitive and can be oiled once a month with gentle oil such as jojoba or grape seed oil to prolong its luster and durability. Prolonged exposure to sunlight, sleeping, bathing, or swimming with your jewelry in, as well as exposing it to extreme cold or heat, may warp and crack it. Beautiful jewelry is delicate! Please be careful with your pretties.

        Keep in mind that all organic jewelry is porous and should never be worn in freshly stretched ears, a mucous membrane, or in tissue that is damaged in anyway. If you feel you need assistance from a professional piercer you can check out the Association of Professional Piercers website ( to locate a studio near you.



    All of our gold body jewelry (ends and septums) are handmade with love from 14k rose, white and yellow gold, and genuine Swarovski crystals. Our jewelry is suitable for fresh piercings as long as it has been professionally sterilized.


    Our septums are available in 14g clickers and 16g seam rings, in 5/16" and 3/8". If you don't know what size you need, your local piercing studio can help you! Be gentle when opening and closing your septum jewelry, particularly seam rings as too much pressure may cause them to break.


    All of our gold ends are threadless, which means they are kept in place using a slight curve in the pin that creates tension on the back. This process is simple, but unless you're experienced with this we recommend having a piercer insert the jewelry for you. Our ends are sold a la carte, and will need a back suitable for threadless jewelry, which can also be purchased at your local piercing studio. The pins on our ends are made of 10k white gold.

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