Request a Look Box for Your Studio

We here at Maya Jewelry appreciate the continued love and support you’ve shown us and we would like to make your ordering process that much easier.

We have created a Look Box containing one of each of our threadless end designs for you to interact with before placing your next order.

There is no fee to receive the Look Box. The pieces in the Look Box are not for sale; they are just display pieces to show one of each threadless end in our current line. 
We just ask that you please limit your time with the Look Box to 3 full days and use the provided shipping label to mail it back to us once you are done reviewing each piece. During this time, you and your staff can assess the full threadless collection and thus determine the pieces you’re interested in ordering.

To request a Look Box, please fill out the form below:

If you have any feedback/questions about our products, customer service, or any other topic, please let us know. We are always happy to open a dialogue with you about ways we can improve our wholesale relationship.