Our designs are strong, powerful, and classic enough to stand the test of time. Every part of our process is compliant with APP jewelry standards and global regulations. 

Taking proper care of your plated and solid metal jewelry is very important. Keep your jewelry out of the heat, direct sunlight, fresh water, salt water, swimming pools or any chemicals. Everyday products like household cleaners, lotions, hair products or other cosmetics can contain chemicals that will permanently damage your jewelry. Even your own sweat and body PH can wear down the plating over time. Do not use traditional jewelry cleaners on your plated jewelry, or any other chemical-filled solution, not even toothpaste.

  • Always keep your jewelry in a jewelry box to help with the metal oxidation.
  • Polish your jewelry lightly for a few minutes with a microfiber polishing cloth. Keep your cloth clean by always keeping it in a bag. 
  • As one of the most experienced and well known jewelry companies in the professional industry, we strive to always maintain the highest caliber product. We stand behind our jewelry with a 100% guarantee against manufacturer’s defects. We thank you for purchasing our jewelry!


All of our designs are handcrafted originals available in 925 silver, 22k yellow gold plating, 18k rose gold plating, or hand forged brass, copper and white brass depending on your design. All of our jewelry is designed with integrity so that it can withstand extended wear, with proper care. We guarantee our metal jewelry 100% against manufacturer defects. All metal oxidizes quicker when left out in the open air, or if it is exposed to moisture. We recommend an appropriate microfiber, material specific polishing cloth for maintenance as needed. Make sure to follow the instructions on the package and be careful to avoid polishing too frequently or putting too much pressure on the jewelry when you polish as it may degrade the gold plating. 

Gently open and close designs with latches to ensure longevity, especially with soft silver and copper standard earrings. If you feel the latch isn't working easily, get in touch with us rather than forcing it. We can probably easily fix this issue.

  • Silver - Our Silver designs showcase polished brilliance with a bang. Silver on its own is very soft, therefore we use the highest quality 925 Sterling Silver that we can get our hands on - an alloy made up of 92.5% Silver and 7.5% Copper to give it the extra strength it needs for you to wear our designs with pride, time and time again.
  • Copper - Copper has been used for jewelry since the dawn of human civilization. Retaining the purity and tradition of some designs of cultures past, our jewelry is intended to be worn expressing the inner warrior inside and these epic talismans will do the trick!
  • Brass - Brass has become one of the most widely used alloys in history. Being adored due to its gold like color, brass can be seen decorating anything from palaces to ears. We here at the Clubhouse love it patinated especially, but Brass also has amazing luster when polished. To showcase its brilliance, you can always keep it bright and shiny with a good brass polishing cloth.
  • White Brass - White Brass is an alloy made up of 49% Zinc and 51% Brass, and is a great alternative to Silver by being slightly lighter in weight.
  • Gold Plating - All of our gold designs are either 22k Yellow Gold plated or 18k Rose Gold plated. Our plating is guaranteed to last with proper care. Please be advised that some hair and body products can affect the plating as well as salt water, salty/acidic air and rain, chlorine, any harsh chemicals or jewelry cleaners. Avoid direct contact with other metals and never sleep, shower, swim, or work out with your fine jewelry on.